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Resources for organising an event

We have prepared a number of useful how-to guides to help you organise and promote your Bealtaine events. The resources below provide advice on a range of topics, from coming up with an idea for your event, to marketing it via press or social media, as well as information on health and safety.

Bealtaine Logo

You can download the Bealtaine logo for use in your materials. If you have any queries about how to use the logo, please contact our Communications Manager:

Bealtaine Poster

You can also download the Bealtaine Poster (in a variety of formats) for use in your venue. If you have any queries about how to use the poster files, please contact our Communications Manager:

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Also see our Publications page on this site for more general information.

Looking for some local support when organising your event? Find your local Arts Officer here: your local Age Friendly coordinator here:

Principal Funders:

  • Link to HSE website
  • Link to Arts Council website

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