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Bealtaine Hero: Articulate, Gest, Express

Photo Credit: Gráinne O’Carroll / Tearmann Éanna
Start Date: 04/05/2022
Time of Event: 10:30am to 2:30pm
Public or Private: Private
Online or In-Person: In-Person
Event Venue: Tearmann Éanna Community Centre
Event Town/City: Connemara
Organised By: Bealtaine Festival
Start Date: 04/05/2022
This Event is: Private
Online or In-person? In-Person
Event Venue: Tearmann Éanna Community Centre
Event Town/City: Connemara
Organised By: Bealtaine Festival

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Event Description

´An té a bhíonn suilach bíonn sé scéalach´/ ´He who walks is a storyteller´.

Sophie Kasser and Gráinne O´Carroll will guide a four hour meeting with members of Tearmann Éanna Community on the 4th of May in Connemara, Galway, focusing on warming up the body’s ability to communicate, articulate and play.

Rooted in the idea that movement propels the release of experiences, memories and stories, and elongates elements of youth (like strength, mobility and elasticity) we´ll be moving with the aim to thaw-out and story-tell.

The event explores the idea of strength together with the participants and investigates how this changes over time. This exploration aims to link and compare this to sculptures, paintings and other art forms where the gesture of strength is often frozen or set in stone. These will be explored with a group of elderly during a four hour multi-modal session, including movement and mobility exploration, storytelling and sharing a meal. The vocabulary of the session will cast light on ideas of embodiment and age, and act as terms for a performance and audio installation currently being developed by the artists.

Born in Geneva and based in Barcelona, Sophie Kasser is a performer and director, as well as co-founder/managing-director of Centro MOVEO (Centre Physical Theatre, Barcelona). Also a teacher at institutions of performing arts in Barcelona, Paris, London etc. Sophie has been sowing seeds of corporeal expressivity into shows and courses of dance, circus and theatre since 2005.
Born in Dublin and living between Dublin and ´here and there´ Gráinne O´Carroll is a craftswoman of corporeal narration and appreciator of stand out textiles, often dealing with experimental embodiment and storytelling across artforms, from theatre to installation. She combines movement-education and community engagement with collaboration, and devises ways to link and overlap meanings and modes of communication.

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