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Arts Programme Advisory Group

Age & Opportunity’s Arts Programme Advisory Group consists of a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in encouraging more older people to access, participate and be represented in the arts in Ireland.
Its role is to provide:

  • expert advice on our strategic themes and objectives;
  • guidance on innovative approaches to encouraging participation of older people in the arts;
  • guidance on innovative approaches to encouraging participation of younger older people (from 50+) and marginalised older people in the arts;
  • guidance and support in the further development of partnerships with other relevant organisations;
  • guidance and advice regarding European funded projects, and funding and sustainability generally;
  • guidance on action based research opportunities and the impact of the arts on health and wellbeing.

Our Arts Programme Advisory Group also enhances the interaction and overlap between our three programmes when the opportunity arises.

The members of this advisory group are:

  • Catherine Marshall: Chairperson
  • Helen O’ Donoghue: Senior Curator & Head of Education & Community Engagement & Programmes, Irish Museum of Modern Art
  • Lorraine Comer: Head of Education, National Museum of Ireland
  • Ailbhe Murphy: Director, Create
  • Brendan Teeling: Deputy City Librarian, Dublin City Council
    • Principal Funders:
    • Link to HSE website
    • Link to Arts Council website
    • Supported by:
    • Link to RTE website

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