Tender for Evaluation Consultant for Age & Opportunity's Bealtaine Festival


 Tender for Evaluation Consultant for Age & Opportunity’s Bealtaine Festival


Age & Opportunity is the national organisation providing programmes in arts and culture, physical activity and active citizenship and lifelong learning so that all older people can have a rich and varied life in Ireland. Our work is primarily funded by the HSE, Sport Ireland and the Arts Council of Ireland.

Age & Opportunity’s mission is to inspire and empower older people to live healthy and fulfilling lives and to influence policy to ensure the active participation of older people in ways that benefit our communities and wider society.

Our vision is of a world where, as we age, we have the right and the opportunity to realise our potential. We have the right to shape decisions that affect our lives and the life of our community. Age & Opportunity will lead the debate on the issues concerning contemporary ageing and older people.

At the heart of our work is a set of values and beliefswhich inform every aspect of our programmes, policies and practices.

A key component of our Arts and Culture Programme is our national Bealtaine Festival, which celebrates the arts and creativity as we age.  Established in 1995, Bealtaine is Ireland’s largest co-operative festival and the world’s first national celebration of creativity in older age, having inspired a number of international festivals.

The festival takes place from 1st – 31st May and brings together people from all over Ireland and across generations to foster and inspire creativity among older people and to promote the skills, experiences and exposure that can lead to a rich creative life for all older people.



We are looking for a researcher/writer/thinker/evaluator to identify and explore the impact and influences of the Bealtaine festival to its funders, participants, partners and other stakeholders in Ireland.



Our evaluation objectives are twofold:

1)    To design an evaluation framework that can be used within Bealtaine and allows monitoring and data collection to be carried out by our staff. This work would involve looking at current systems and devising a responsive framework to allow consistent data to be collected and monitored across Bealtaine.

2)    To carry out an evaluation of the festival in 2018 centred on finding out what we are doing right; what needs improvement; and what best practices we can learn from. More specifically, this evaluation needs:

  1.       To measure whether we are meeting our aims and objectives
  2.       To provide insight into how Bealtaine is benefiting our stakeholders
  3.       To measure our audience reach in the sector
  4.       To measure the impact of Bealtaine on its audience and to the sector in Ireland
  5.       To share key learning with the sector
  6.       To measure the overall economic value of Bealtaine


Person Specification

We are looking for an individual or organisation with the following experience:

  •          Demonstrable understanding and appreciation of the arts and culture or heritage sector
  •          Demonstrable experience of external evaluation and some experience of internal evaluation


Ethics and Values

We expect the successful tenderer to adhere to Age & Opportunity’s values and beliefs and to follow any of our policies which are deemed appropriate.


Accountability and Management

The contract for services rests with Age & Opportunity. The primary points of contact for the successful tenderer will be Karen Smyth, CEO, Age & Opportunity, and Tara Byrne, Arts and Culture Programme Manager, Age & Opportunity.

The successful tenderer will be expected to:

-       Maintain regular contact with the CEO and Arts and Culture Programme Manager, responding to communications in a timely manner

-       Be flexible and responsive to the needs of the organisation as they arise.


Deliverables and schedule of work

We expect the successful tenderer to:

-       Commence the process in mid to late April 2018

-       Provide regular progress updates to the CEO and Arts and Culture Programme Manager

-       Produce the final evaluation and template in late July 2018


Competency and expertise requirements

The successful tenderer will:

-       Have a proven track record in internal and external evaluation design and implementation

-       Demonstrate an understanding of and have experience working with NGOs

-       Provide details of relevant experience and qualifications in delivering on all aspects of the tender, and provide two referees associated with the two most appropriate pieces of work.


Tender Requirements

Tenders for this work must include:

  1.     Name of applicant / organisation name, address and contact details. In the case of consortia, please assign one person / organisation as the principal contact
  2.     A statement outlining the understanding of the brief
  3.     Personnel involved – details of all personnel who will be involved, including a short CV which outlines their qualifications / experience
  4.     Description of proposed project approach, methodology, actions and timeframe
  5.     Examples of two relevant previous projects along with a separate referee, including contact details, for each project
  6.     Costs – detailed per day cost and any associated costs, including VAT
  7.     Notification of any potential conflicts of interest

Evaluations of tender submissions will be based on criteria specified in the tender requirements, using the following award criteria:


Requirements / Criterion

Weighing Criteria

Minimum Scoring Required


Understanding  the Brief

20% - 20 marks

60% of marks required (12/20)


Relevant Knowledge, Expertise, Experience and Resources Allocated

30% - 30 marks

60% of marks required (18/30)


Content and Quality of Proposed Plan and Methodology

30% - 30 marks

60% of marks required (18/30)



20% - 20 marks

60% of marks required (12/20)


Total marks





1.   Understanding the brief

Those tendering should demonstrate in their proposals a good understanding of the brief and issues which this evaluation and evaluation template is seeking to address, including an excellent understanding of issues relating to external and internal evaluation, and issues relating to arts and culture.


2.    Relevant knowledge, expertise, experience and resources allocated

The highest scores will be awarded to the tenderers with the most appropriate knowledge and experience in delivering similar projects. The tenderer must supply a CV of the person who will be carrying out the work.


3.   Content and quality of proposed plan and methodology

This refers to the proposed approach to the design and development. Tenderers must demonstrate their capability to bring the contract to a satisfactory conclusion by describing the methodology of approach to accomplish the project’s required outcomes within the stated timeframe.


4.    Cost

This must include all costs and expenses for the work. Quotations should be inclusive of VAT, and should be quoted in Euro. All prices quotes must remain valid for the duration of the work.

Following completion of the tender evaluation, the successful tenderer will be notified in writing. Once the offer is accepted, letters will be issued to the unsuccessful tenderer/s notifying them of the result.

A tender assessment panel is in place to assess the applications and to award the contract to the successful tenderer. The panel will have to be satisfied that the method and programme of work meet the requirements outlined and are cost effective. The panel does not commit itself to accepting the lowest tender and will not accept any responsibility for any expenses incurred in the preparation and submission of a tender. The panel may cancel the process at any time. Age & Opportunity will not engage in any discussions or negotiations in advance of adjudication. Adjudication will be made on the English-language version of the tender only.

Budget and schedule of payments

The maximum budget for this tender is €5,000 (inclusive of VAT). The price will be inclusive of all expenses, travel, subsistence and administration. For clarity, Age & Opportunity will not make any payments other than the price in the quotation response document. Payments will be made in instalments, based on deliverables.

Any quotations exceeding this amount will not be evaluated and will be eliminated from the process. Quotations with lower pricing will receive a proportionally higher score under the award criteria total cost.

Shortlisting and clarification meetings

Age & Opportunity may shortlist applicants.

Age & Opportunity may hold clarification meetings with those shortlisted. Applicants attending such meetings will do so at their own expense.


Tax Clearance Certificate

Before the contract is awarded, the successful tenderer will be required to produce a valid Tax Clearance Certificate, and if the certificate should expire within the course of the contract, a new certificate will be required. All payments under the contract will be conditional on the person / organisation being in possession of a valid certificate at all times.



The successful tenderer must produce evidence of valid insurance prior to the signing of the contract.


Ownership of material resulting from this work

Ownership of material and documentation resulting from the development of this evaluation template and evaluation will reside with Age & Opportunity, and must be returned to Age & Opportunity at the request of Age & Opportunity or on termination of any contract, in the format requested by Age & Opportunity, and may not be used without the consent of Age & Opportunity.


Closing date for receipt of tender

The closing date for receipt of tenders to Age & Opportunity is 12 noon on Friday the 6th of April. Any tenders received after this time and date will not be considered for adjudication.


Tender submissions should be addressed to:

Karen Smyth


Age & Opportunity

St Patrick’s Hall

Marino Institute of Education

Griffith Avenue

Dublin 9

Karen. Smyth@ageandopportunity.ie