My Inspirational Older Person Competition

With the older people in our lives cocooning to protect themselves and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, it would be easy to think of them all as vulnerable and not able to do things for themselves. At Age & Opportunity we know that's not true. We are asking all kids, big and small, to tell us what an older person in your life CAN do! What do you think they will do when COVID-19 is gone and they come out of their cocoons like butterflies ready to fly again!

Is your Granny a great golfer? Does your neighbour have a lovely garden? Maybe your great aunty is an opera singer or your Grandad does Parkrun every weekend?  Tell us about what your older person can do using any art form you like – here are a few ideas to get you thinking…

  • a poem
  • a drawing, painting, craft
  • sewing, knitting, embroidery
  • a dance
  • a song
  • a lego piece
  • an animation/stopmotion
  • doing a sport
  • a cake buns etc.
  • a short story
  • pottery
  • graphic design
  • a play/musical
  • make some clothes
  • calligraphy
  • a flower arrangement
  • a photo/cut outs/collage
  • photograph


How to enter

When you have finished your artwork, ask a parent or guardian to photograph it and send it to us, along with a consent form, to We will need your guardian to fill in a consent form which you will find here – Consent form for competition.  You can fill in the word document consent form, save it and attach it to your email to send to us with the artwork.

Please note that if you are sending us a video you will need to send this by WeTransfer. Click here to use WeTransfer for free. Don’t forget to upload your consent form to WeTransfer too.

The competition closes on Tuesday the 30th of June and we will contact the winners after that. We have some great prizes for you and your family to enjoy once we are all out and about again. There are five categories - pre-school, junior infants to second class, third class to sixth class, 1st year to 3rd year and TY to 6th year – so let us know what age and class your child is in when you send their entry.


Share your inspiration

We will share some of the entries on our social channels and our websites so keep your eyes peeled for your creation.

We’re also asking you to send a photo of your child’s creation to the older person they’re inspired by! This is a great time to let the older people in our lives know how inspiring they are!


Terms and conditions

For terms and conditions please follow this link to the Age & Opportunity website:   click here.