Mad, Bad & Dangerous - New Episodes Premiering for Bealtaine At Home!

Mad, Bad & Dangerous - New Episodes Premiering for Bealtaine At Home!

A documentary series of interviews between influential Irish women over 70. These women have been blazing trails for 50 years. They were moving mountains long before hashtags. The relationship that intersects age, gender and public space has never been so fraught. The need to see, hear and prioritise older people has been rendered explicitly visible. They are the ‘difficult’ women, the brass necks, the sharp, the fearless: the mad, the bad and the dangerous. 
Featuring Lelia Doolan, Bernadette McAliskey, Margaretta D'Arcy, Nell McCafferty, Pauline Cummins and Jo Murphy Lawless. 
Broadcast on YouTube in four parts throughout September and October as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2020: Pilot Light Edition and Bealtaine At Home. 
Produced by UP UP UP, with Copper Alley, in association with Dublin Fringe Festival and Age & Opportunity’s Bealtaine Festival, with support from Galway County Council, Irish Women Lawyers Association, Community Knowledge Initiative at NUIG, Institute for Lifecourse and Society and Feminist Storytelling Network
Catch up on episodes 1 & 2 from October 15th
Episode 1: Bernadette McAliskey & Lelia Doolan
Episode 2: Lelia Doolan & Margaretta D'Arcy
New episodes PREMIERING for Bealtaine At Home:
Episode 3: Jo Murphy Lawless & Pauline Cummins, 20th Oct, 7pm
Episode 4: Lelia Doolan & Nell McCafferty, 22nd Oct, 7pm

Facebook Live 'post-show' with Mad, Bad and Dangerous

Sat 24th Oct 1pm on Bealtaine Festival Facebook Page

If you've been following the recent "Mad, Bad and Dangerous" online documentary series you don't want to miss this. Róisín Ingle from the Irish Times will host a virtual discussion with Emma O'Grady (creator and director of Mad, Bad and Dangerous) and Lelia Doolan (filmmaker and activist who participated in the series). They will discuss everything from how the series was made during the pandemic to what it was like working with 'difficult' women to the impact the series has had on younger and older feminists alike to what the future holds for the series. There will be a chance to ask questions via the live comments.

Image credit: Joe O'Shaughnessy