What Good is Looking Well When You're Rotten on the Inside?

Theatre / Tour



Organization: Bealtaine Festival

Event location: Church St

City/Town: Belmullet / Belmullet

County: Mayo

Event dates: 18 May 2019 - 18 May 2019

Event Venue: Áras Inis Gluaire

Event time: 8pm

Contact phone: 097 81079

Web: https://arasinisgluaire.ie/main/events/event/drama-with-emma-ogrady-in-what-good-is-looking-well-when-youre-rotten-on-the-inside


One month before his death, retired civil servant and man of few words Paddy O’Grady had a sudden urge to talk. Using a cassette tape recorder he recorded 15 hours of material: stories about leprechauns, aliens and lonely pharmacists; absurdist political satire; musings on life, love and death; radio shows with advertisements for products that never existed; and memories of life as a civil servant. Paddy’s granddaughter, Emma O’Grady, later discovered he had written plays, poems and short stories in the 1950s and until now his work has been without an audience. This critically-acclaimed show for all ages is an attempt by someone from one generation to understand the previous one and it is especially for anyone who has held themselves back and not allowed their voice to be heard. It examines the fragile personas we present to the world, who we might be behind them and what we could be instead. A pre-show Touch Tour and Introductory Programme Notes (large print and audio) will be available for all performances. Please let box office know if you would like to book a Touch Tour or receive Programme Notes. Accessible performances are provided in partnership with Arts & Disability Ireland