Cultural Companions - New Members Event

Spoken Word / Talk



Organization: Bealtaine Festival

Event location: North Frederick St

City/Town: Dublin / Dublin 1

County: Dublin City

Event dates: 14 Oct 2018 - 14 Oct 2018

Event Venue: The Old Music Shop

Event time: 12.00 noon

Contact phone: 01 805 7709



Many of us would probably go to a lot more plays, films, shows, concerts, exhibitions or other events if we had someone to go with. There's a thriving social and arts scene out there to be enjoyed if only we had someone with the know-how, the transport or the shared interest to get us going. That's where Cultural Companions comes in. Cultural Companions creates local networks of people interested in arts and culture that will accompany each other to events – like minded people that meet up regularly to go out together either with one other person or as part of a small group. We are always open to new people coming along and so we are having a welcome event for new or haven’t-been-in-a while members to come and meet everyone over a cup of tea and a bun.